Reproduction Service

Self-made copies are prohibited for conservatory reasons. You may use our reproduction service instead. Copies are fee-based according to the costing schedule of the Central Archives:

1. Reproductions from parish registers
handling fee, per order 5 Euro
copy of a parish single entry 1 Euro
2. Reproductions from files (up to DIN-A 3)
handling fee, per order 5 Euro
copy of one page, each 0.70 Euro 
edition of digital copies on CD-Rom (up to 650 MB), per CD-Rom 3 Euro
sending of digital copies by email, each 1 Euro
3. Reproductions from books on paper
handling fee, per order 5 Euro
each copy 0.30 Euro
self-copies, each 0.20 Euro

Please be aware, that in consequence of the great amount of copy requests production time will take up to 8 weeks.


Contact us

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Opening Times:
Mon - Thu 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Usage is possible at any time during the hours of operation. Reservations are no longer required.

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