Guidance for Beginners

If you are new in genealogical research

Please note that our archival collection of parish registers are only from Protestant parishes. If your ancestors were members of other churches, please contact the proper archives.

The following facts are obligatory to initiate the search for your ancestors in our Archives:

1. Name

2. Date of birth

3. Place of birth

Here is an example of how one should proceed with genealogy research in our archives:

You know that your great-grandfather was born in June 1856 in Meldienen, district Ragnit, East Prussia, and you want to trace his antecedents.

1. You clarify with the responsible archival specialist as to which Protestant parish was in charge of the Meldienen records in 1856 (it was the Parish of Kraupischken), and whether the baptismal records of that year are to be found in our archives.

2. You look for your great-grandfather's entry in the baptismal register, and you will find there the names of his parents.

3. You look in the same baptismal register for older siblings of your great-grandfather, in order to limit the range of the marriage date of his parents.

4. His oldest brother was born in 1845.

5. You consider look in the Marriage Registers of Kraupischken from 1845, backwards, for the marriage date of the parents.

6. You will find the marriage entry in the year 1843. This entry also mentions the birthdate (or the age) and the place of origin of the couple.

7. You establish the Protestant parish that was responsible for these areas mentioned and whether their parish registers are found in our archives.

General information on  genealogical research can be found, for example, at the websites of the various genealogical societies and in various publications.


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